Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making Goals (and keeping them!)

Ever since I was little, I have always been one to make lists and set goals. Unfortunately I have never been very good at keeping them! This morning I stumbled upon a post over at Live Renewed about making monthly goals. I really like the idea of monthly goals because although I have made goals for the year, realistically, (for me anyway) they need to be broken down into smaller increments.

So since we are fairly close the the beginning of the month, this is a perfect time for me to establish some new goals and divide up my yearly goals also.

My first goal is to post a list of monthly goals at the beginning of every month. Along with the monthly post, I will go over how I kept up with last months goals. So, here we go!

March 2012 Goals

- Finish putting the greenhouse back together. This was completed, until we had another bad windstorm come through and tear most of the panels apart. A trip to the hardware store is in order for replacement panels now!

- Get seeds started. Unfortunately this is dependent on the former goal. My plan is to get the greenhouse put together this weekend and the seeds will follow shortly.

- Find a good plot for the vegetables once they are started.

- De-cluttering the house. This is a big one for me. I can't stand clutter, yet it seems I can never get rid of it!

- Try out a monthly cleaning plan.

- Make an assortment of crockpot freezer meals.

- Let chicks into the hen house (separated from the older ones) around 6 weeks old. I can't wait for this one!

Building Projects 
- Build the chicken tractor.

-Fix the west pasture fence. We will be working on this Saturday, we've been having a couple rotten steers getting through lately.

Personal Goals
-  Start going on walks again. During the summer my husband and I like to take walks with the dogs. This allows us to have time to talk about our day and not be distracted by things that need done in the house. We both have really missed this since it got cold out.

-Post at least once a week on the blog. Not because I make any money doing it, just simply because I enjoy writing and getting my thoughts out. It tends to help organize my thoughts.

Completed Goals
At the beginning of the year, I made a list of goals for 2012. Out of these, the one goal I have completed is ordering the chicks. I'm not worried about that though, since the other goals consist of butchering and gardening. Those will come later in the year. I have been looking for another steer, but I haven't found one at the right price yet.

How about you guys? Does it help you to set goals? What goals have you set for this year?

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  1. Hello Nichole,
    This is a great post. I am probably OCD with my lists. I have them for everything.

    It drives my poor hubby mad sometimes, but without lists I have this feeling that I am forgetting something because I usually AM. Lists help me stay focused and get back on track when I stumble and when the list gets smaller (as I make progress) it feels very rewarding. I could not get as much done without my lists.

    I don't think lists are ever a bad thing. I am happy to hear that you are a list maker too. Since I started making and really using mine, I have been amazed at how productive I have become. What a great share today. Thank you!

  2. Good post. I find that sitting down and going through the effort of setting and writing down goals helps to focus my intention and I am so much more likely to accomplish things. But I am not by nature a list maker so it's hard to make myself do the work of writing goals.

  3. I am glad to hear I am not the only OCD list maker! Thanks for stopping by!