Friday, June 22, 2012

Grilled Pizza

Yes, you read that right. Looking for a summer meal that won't heat up the house? Look no further! DH and I tried out personal pan grilled pizza during our "stay-cation" this week and boy were they a hit! Not only were they delicious, but they didn't heat up the house with the hot oven and they were easy!

Simply take your favorite crust recipe and separate into personal sized pizzas. You can do this with large pizzas also, but we felt the personal pizzas were easier to handle and flip on the grill. Another benefit is the ability to personalize your own pizza. This would be great for kids, although it's great fun for adults too!

Once you have your pizzas flattened out, lay them on a heated, well greased grill to cook. Once one side is cooked, flip it over and cook the other side.

After you have the pizza crust cooked, take it off the grill and add your toppings. We covered ours in grilled sausages and veggies! Add your cheese.

To prevent the bottoms from over cooking, we placed the pizzas on the warming rack so the cheese and toppings could heat up and melt. Serve.

I have to say, they were AMAZING! Go ahead and try it ;)

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Addition to the Family

Ever since we lost our beloved Great Pyrenees, Whinny, to bone cancer, the farm just hasn't been the same.  Pyrenees are excellent guardian dogs, for both the family and livestock. Our Pyrenees have always been family guardians, because our horses do not need a guardian in the field (nor would they tolerate one) and by simply having a guardian dog near the house, it will protect our poultry since they are so close. My Dad has talked about getting another Great Pyrenees for several years now, even more so since we have been having problems with raccoons getting into the trash and eating the chickens.

So, can you guess what Dad got for an early Father's Day present this year?

I would like to introduce, Duke, our newest family member!


Pretty ferocious, eh?
Although I normally try to go the rescue route when we adopt a new dog, since a Pyrenees will need to be trustworthy around livestock we went to a breeder. Right now he is a big ball of fuzz, but he will soon grow into a 100lb ball of fuzz!

Have a good week everyone :)

***Edited to add that "Duke's" name has been changed to Max. lol

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Farm Tour

I haven't been posting lately, so I though I would show you why :)

I finally got the garden mulched with straw!

We spent the weekend before last hauling hay. We have enough to last us the winter now. So relieving to have that done!

These guys don't take a lot of work, I just wanted to show you how big they have gotten! I'm expecting their first eggs towards the end of this month!

And of course just some pretty lilies :)

Blackberries are just starting to turn pink.

I've been attempting to start some lavender (back) from cuttings off of my old plant. In front is some Thyme I started from seed.

And last but definitely not least, my first tomato of the season! I absolutely cannot wait to sink my teeth into some of these.

This Saturday we are taking a little road trip a couple hours north to look at a couple of Great Pyrenees pups. Since we lost our beloved Pyr, Whinny, the farm just hasn't been the same. Hopefully we will come home with a Father's Day present for dad ;)