Monday, January 2, 2012

It's that time of year again!

I always look forward to this time of year. The time when seed catalogs start arriving in my mailbox, and I can spend cold evenings snuggled up in a blanket drooling over the wide varieties of seeds available. I have already been looking through the catalogs, trying to decide which varieties I will try this year.

Last year I started the majority of my transplants at home for the first time. They turned out okay, even though I had to start them in the window. It made it difficult because they wanted to grow towards the sun, resulting in lopsided little starts. Not to mention the cats liked to knock them over and eat them :(

This year will be different! This past week I found a 6' x 8' greenhouse for sale on Craigslist! So, DH and I picked it up and spent most of Sunday putting it together. It needed new footer boards and a little cleaning up. It is just the right size for starting my tomatoes, peppers, and probably some herbs. Best of all, I don't have to protect them from the cats!

My new (to me) greenhouse. It was like Christmas morning when we went to pick it up!
Another thing I hope that will be different this year is the quality of my garden. Last year was a busy one. I never realized how much work a wedding is until this year! Needless to say, my beloved garden ended up as a plot of weeds. Neglected from the rush of wedding plans and honeymoon. I was able to harvest some potatoes, after digging them up from under all of the weeds. And of course the indestructible zucchini and yellow squash! But other than that, it was a loss.

I am going to learn from my mistakes though! Instead of ordering a packet of every vegetable that looks sooo delicious, I am going to stick with the ones I have experience with. I think it will be better to have a small successful garden, than a large disastrous one ;)

What about you? Am I the only one that gets carried away once those seed catalogs show up in the mailbox?

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  1. I'm restraining myself to not look at the catelogs at least for another week :-) So jealous about your new green house. I need to put that on my list of absolutely must have. Do you have a way to keep it warm? Around here would have to. Have fun with it!

  2. Found you at the Barn Hop....I to have been making my seed list to order...can't wait it seems every year we garden we get a little better at it. I've joined your site i'll be back to visit...come over and visit me when you get a chance. Deana

  3. Congratulations on finding the greenhouse. You're going to love it. I am looking forward to seeing more garden posts. Happy New Year.

  4. Great to see new faces!

    I have thought about putting a small heater in it if I need to. It's close enough to the house for me to run an extension cord to it if I need to.

    To be honest, I have been looking through the catalogs since I started getting them in December, so I'm surprised I've waited this long to put together my order! There will definitely be more garden posts!

  5. Good find! We used one that size last summer and grew some tomatoes and peppers in it all summer. Last fall we found a great deal on a glass one that is 8 ft by 20 ft and so we have that one sitting there waiting for me. Another month and we'll be busy! Enjoy!!!

  6. What an awesome Craigslist find! I bet you will love having that greenhouse. I have to be careful not to get caught up in seed-buying's so tempting, especially when it's cold out and you're dreaming of greener days! This is my first time at your site (I found it through the Living Well Blog Hop), and I'm excited to read more!

  7. Just found your blog, and I must say...great find! No, you're not the only one that gets excited over seeds catalogs. They have started arriving, and I have to make myself stay away from them.