Monday, February 13, 2012

Changing Things Up!

Normally I try to do one large garden or two smaller ones. In the last couple years, I haven't been able to keep up with the weeds and towards the end of the season (or middle like last year) I tend to get overwhelmed. I keep telling myself that this year will be different since I don't have to deal with all the wedding stuff I did last year. Even so, I still have a feeling that it would end up the same way.

For that reason, I am trying something different this year! That's what gardening is all about right? Experimentation until we find something that works well for us? I've decided my main problem is having too much space in between the plants (which results in a lot of weeds). My plan is to create small beds for a few certain plants that I am growing. Most likely I will have two pepper and tomato beds, spaced far apart. Like hundreds of yards apart. I am hoping to save seeds for the first time from these and I have more than one variety for both of these plants.

I am also going to make one small area for my green beans to climb a trellis. I am trying out pole beans for the first time. I normally go with bush beans, but I felt like being adventurous!I am also going to make another small bed for my cucumbers and zucchini. Lastly, the spinach might just go into some pots on the porch! If you can't tell, I don't have everything completely planned out just yet, which is completely the opposite of what I normally do. Normally, by the end of January I have every plant laid out on graph paper. Oh well!

Here is the list of varieties I chose to plant this year. My original list was much longer! I had to keep reminding myself to only order what I could keep up with! I also have a few different varieties that I will be starting for my mother-in-law (not listed). I can't wait to see how they all do.

Bean, KY Wonder Pole
These are the herbs that I chose. When I was a kid my mom had a wonderful herb garden. I loved going out and getting fresh Oregano when she was cooking. I have been wanting to plant my own for while, so this is the year!  I can't wait to make some amazing homemade pesto!

And a couple flowers just because they're pretty :) The Hollyhock is going next to our "outhouse" garden shed!


  1. I am gonna try a lot of different varieties as well! I am also having a seed give away right now! Come enter at:

  2. Nichole,
    I think it's a great idea to back off a little bit on the garden. You need to do what you can handle and only you know how much that is. I do have one word of advise. I try to do a little in my garden every day. Even if it is literally five minutes. If I save up the work for my weekends it gets overwhelming. Your going to love pole beans! Much more produce in a smaller area.

  3. It sounds like you have a good plan. Growing things together a little closer really does cut down on the weeding. Something we learned here, too. All the best with your garden this year.

  4. I tend to go bigger than I should and get overwhelmed too...though this year I plan to go bigger still since we just moved to 10 acres. Weeds are okay right? As long as they don't grow taller than the plants....

  5. I have spring fever sp bad. I'm excited about growing from seeds this year. You picked out some good ones! Thank you so much for linking up to the "Cowgirl Up!" linky party! Be sure to join us again this Tuesday♥