Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Addition to the Family

Ever since we lost our beloved Great Pyrenees, Whinny, to bone cancer, the farm just hasn't been the same.  Pyrenees are excellent guardian dogs, for both the family and livestock. Our Pyrenees have always been family guardians, because our horses do not need a guardian in the field (nor would they tolerate one) and by simply having a guardian dog near the house, it will protect our poultry since they are so close. My Dad has talked about getting another Great Pyrenees for several years now, even more so since we have been having problems with raccoons getting into the trash and eating the chickens.

So, can you guess what Dad got for an early Father's Day present this year?

I would like to introduce, Duke, our newest family member!


Pretty ferocious, eh?
Although I normally try to go the rescue route when we adopt a new dog, since a Pyrenees will need to be trustworthy around livestock we went to a breeder. Right now he is a big ball of fuzz, but he will soon grow into a 100lb ball of fuzz!

Have a good week everyone :)

***Edited to add that "Duke's" name has been changed to Max. lol


  1. Duke is so very cute. I can just feel that fluff in my fingers. All the best with him.

  2. Awwww Duke is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!