Thursday, November 10, 2011


This morning I was talking to a friend of mine. He is going through extensive radiation and chemotherapy for cancer.

Normally we spend a while catching up on how the Colts are playing, or how our families are doing. This morning we had a little deeper conversation and I would like to share it. It has touched me personally to change how I look at things and behave.

He said that like everyone, he has things in his life that he wishes he could change and regrets some things he has done. As I was listening to his words, I didn't expect to hear the next thing he said.

He told me, that the things that he really regrets are the times God asked him to do something for Him and he didn't do it. He went on to say, things we think about in this life aren't really that important. What is really important is what the Lord will say when we stand before him and are accountable for everything we did, and didn't do.

I know personally there have been times where I know that I should have spoken up and said something to another person about the unconditional love of God, but I was too afraid. Too scared of what they may say back. Too scared of what they might think about me.

So, this conversation has challenged me. It has challenged me to do as the Lord says. Whether it be to sit down and have more Bible studies, to speak up when it feels uncomfortable, or whatever He has in store for my life.

I know I will have regrets when I am nearing the end of my life, but if I listen to the words of a dying man I can reduce the heartache I will feel when that time comes.

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  1. Sometimes it takes the insights of others to wake me up. I've had a similar experience lately...I'm setting my goals to LISTEN and ACT too!