Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can't Have Just One...

Well, they say you can't have just one, chick that is. Well this year, it's more like I can't have just one batch of chicks! DH and I were roaming around "the big city" last Saturday and stopped in at the farm and garden store to check out their selection of chicks. It just so happened that they had some Barred Rock and Araucana pullets on markdown for .50 and .75 each.

They were starting to get big (therefore not as cute) and they needed to move them. I am also raising a few miscellaneous bantams, Black Sex-Link, and Rhode Island Reds for some friends of mine. So I have a full brooder again!

If you didn't already know, Araucanas are nicknamed as "Easter Eggers" because they lay bluish colored eggs. They also have these adorable tufts of feathers on their faces!

Assortment of chicks. The two looking at the camera are Araucana chicks.

The tomatoes and peppers are well underway in the greenhouse! I have several varieties of tomatoes and peppers, along with a couple herbs. Once our low temperature in the greenhouse rises above 60* I am going to plant the rest of my herbs. Currently the low is in the mid 50's, which is pretty good, considering we have been having lows in the low 40's this past week.

Tomato Starts

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  1. My wife says that about English spaniels, "You can't just have one". Actually she says, "they are like potato chips, you just can't have one". lol