Sunday, April 15, 2012

Frugal Reading

I absolutely love to read books. Especially the classics. My problem is, I never seem to have the time to read them, until lately. DH and I recently started listening to audiobooks. They're great! They are a great way to pass the time on long commutes to work (like DH), or during work if you're like me. In the last few months I have listened to more books on "tape" than I have read in the last year! (not counting textbooks of course!) Currently, I am listening to the Hunger Games Trilogy for the second time and Robinson Crusoe.

Everybody knows you can rent books from the library. Most of us have done that since we were kids. But I just learned that not only can you rent physical books (my favorite kind), but you can also download audiobooks and books to electronic reading devices! Now I may be the last one to know all of this, but I'm hoping that this may be news to someone out there!

Since we live out of town, I am going to have to shell out around $50 for a card. I am thinking that it will be well worth it though, considering it costs $15 for one book a month with my Audible account. I could easily go through two books a week! Even if I only rent one audio book a month, they will only cost a little over $4 each.

I also discovered that not only can you rent audiobook downloads, but you can also rent mp3s!!! Since I stock shelves on 3rd shift, I have to have something to keep my mind occupied and make the time go faster. I only wish I had discovered this three years ago!

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  1. My husband has our Kindle "read" to him thru headphones. This has kept him from going crazy at work. Right now he's reading the Game of Thrones series.

  2. I don't know, there's just something about the smell and feel of a traditional book that I adore. That said, I do love audio books for car journeys etc.Rx

  3. Oh I definitely agree. I don't own a kindle or anything like that, but the audiobooks help pass time at work. Makes it much more tolerable!